The Netherlands ME/CFS Cohort and Biobank consortium

NMCB is a coalition of Dutch research institutes, medical centres, and patient organisations dedicated to the biomedical study of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS).

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what is me/cfs


ME/CFS is a severely debilitating condition that disrupts patient’s lives and causes great suffering. ME/CFS patients experience constant and intense exhaustion, as well as a worsening of symptoms after even minimal cognitive, physical, emotional or social activity – something known as “post-exertional malaise” (PEM). 

Many, especially the severely ill, experience Orthostatic Intolerance and/or POTS, which makes them partially or entirely confined to bed, drastically affecting their daily life.

ME/CFS has a profound impact on patients and society. Despite that, much remains unknown about the causes and possible treatments. Therefore, rigorous and systematic research into this is of great importance.

ME/CFS symptoms:
What will NMCB do?

Building an international ME/CFS hub

In an eight-year collaboration between scientific and clinical experts, patients and an international research network, NMCB will support and conduct in-depth research to:

By creating a national patient cohort and biobank we will build an international research infrastructure that can continuously advance the understanding, diagnostics, and treatment of ME/CFS.

Our goals

Mission and Vision

Our mission

To conduct outstanding biomedical research to enhance the quality of life, medical care, and societal integration of patients suffering from ME/CFS.

Our Vision

We stand as a patient-focused community, dedicated to advancing biomedical understanding of ME/CFS with the goal to deliver diagnosis and treatment solutions for its patients, and, where possible, for related conditions. We do this through the creation of a diverse and multidisciplinary national research network, integrated within the global research community. We are committed to the long-term viability of this community and its mission through knowledge dissemination, stakeholder engagement and ensuring financial stability.

Our Core values


The core stakeholders (patients, clinicians and researchers) are involved in all decision-making processes through co-creation.


The way of working is always collaborative, adhering to the principles of open science and FAIR data. Hereby, we foster innovative exchanges across disciplines, fuelling the consortium’s progress.

Scientific excellence

We are committed to patient-centred, high-quality biomedical research.

OUR REsearch

NMCB’s projects

Led by Dr. Jos Bosch, the NMCB consortium will conduct six research projects:

Autoimmunity as a cause of ME/CFS symptoms

Normally, our immune system defends our body by attacking germs and other foreign substances with antibodies. In autoimmunity however, our immune system also targets our own cells. It is a possibility that autoimmunity could play a role in ME/CFS. By investigating antibodies in ME/CFS patients, we aim to unravel whether ME/CFS is caused by autoimmunity.

Led by:
Jeroen den Dunnen and team
we work together

Patient organisations

Patients and their unique experiences are an essential part of the NMCB journey. Partnering with three ME/CFS patient organizations, we aim to ensure that patient experience remains central to our investigations.


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Patient involvement


If you are a ME/CFS patient and would like to take part on our future research, register your interest below.

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